Construction of a Bionic Finger


  1. Gather all of your componets and put them infront of you for easy access.
  2. Cut out strips of the plastic that are 1 cm wide and 6 cm long. Then double it over and insert it into the 2 crack in the finger and proceed to hot glue it on both sides as they act like joints.
  3. Next thread your string/wire through the finger and hot glue the string down at the top so it can't slip out.
  4. Then hot glue your 3cm of your finger onto the top of the wooden slat, facing upwards so the finger nail is pointing down. The finger should be glued onto the board so when it bends it bends towards you not away.
  5. Glue your micro servo to the slat and attach the string/wire accordingly. The wire should be taught when the finger is straight but not enough to bend it.
  6. Attatch the wires correctly from the micro servo to the ardiuno nano, the brown wire to G, the red wire has to V, and the yellow wire to S
  7. Attatch the wires from the flexi sensor to the ardiuno. Depending on your code the analog pin will alter between A0-A7. Make sure they are on G and S.
  8. Use a usb cable to download/transfer the code onto the ardiuno.
  9. When the code is working, hot glue the flexi sensor to the glove.
  10. Once your sure your finger is fully functional glue the ardiuno and batteries to the board to make it more portable.