Components you need to build a bionic finger

To build the bionic finger you will need:

  1. Arduino Nano with a thinker shield
  2. 3D printer to print the three different joints in the finger
  3. Flexi Sensor
  4. Batteries and a battery case
  5. Micro Servo MG90
  6. Fisherman's wire
  7. Transparent overhead plastic
  8. USB cable
  9. Glove
  10. Hot glue gun
  11. Hard wooden slat
  12. A computer to upload your code from.

Potential substitutes for different components:

  1. The Arduino Nano can't be replaced for another product but can be switched with another Arduino such as an Arduino Duemilanove. However you don't need a thinker shield but it would make it easier for you to code.
  2. Instead of a 3D printed finger you can use straws and just cut little snippets in the straw to replicate the joints.
  3. The Flexi Sensor cannot be replaced as without it the finger wouldn't be able to move.
  4. Batteries and battery cases are used as power, however if you can't acces them you could just use you computer as the main power source.
  5. The micro servo MG90 can be replaced with another motor with similar fuctions and size.
  6. Fisherman's wire can be replaced with certain types of string or wool.
  7. Transparent overhead can be replaced with any other types of flexible plastic.
  8. A USB cable is needed to transfer your code to a computer.
  9. You don't necessarily need a glove but it makes the flexi sensor more accurate.
  10. A hot glue gun is needed to stick some of the components together, however PVA glue is a suitable substitute.
  11. A hard wooden slate could be replaced with cardboard or any other hard surface.
  12. There is no substitue for the computer as you need it to upload the code and without it your finger would't work.